Respected scientific theory extols the benefits of healthy, natural diets, but Ty Cannon takes things a bit further by suggesting that healthy life style is at the core of many addiction issues and is a key factor for any long term success.

Furthermore, celebrated athletes and business executives throughout history have benefited from high-level success coaching which is nonexistent for people currently struggling with addiction.

Health Education is Critical

Cannon asserts that dieticians and trainers have been fed a sludgy porridge of misinformation, half-truths and have never been taught about the direct link between diet, lifestyle and addiction issues. Assertions that he backs by scientific facts, case studies and more than 30 years of research into health and fitness issues. “When overcoming addiction the importance of restoring the body to its optimal health can not be under stated,” says Cannon. Cannon’s first book, “Why Everything Your Trainer Ever Told You Is Wrong,” debunks accepted fitness, weight loss, exercise practices and explains the link between addiction and lifestyle choices with groundbreaking clarity and rational thought.

The book’s title makes a bold statement, but Cannon supports his position with medical literature, historic examples and thoughtful analyses. Cannon has established solid credentials in fitness, self-motivation and personal training disciplines and has spent the last 5 years lecturing across the country and educating doctors on how to implement healthy lifestyle protocols with their patients.

As well as an established health educator, Cannon is also an accomplished martial artist and attributes his level of success at helping people to achieve their ultimate goals to his ability to use both east and west modalities. Like many martial arts enthusiasts, Cannon was inspired by Bruce Lee at an early age and pursued Karate and other martial arts certifications. Cannon’s accomplishments include earning a first-degree black belt in Arjunken Karate, a second-degree black belt in Arnis and other certifications. In 2014, Cannon became one of only four people in the world to be achieve the rank of level four instructor in Jeet Kune Do, under the renowned Steven Golden, one of the original students of Bruce Lee.

Classic Myths and Misconceptions

Classic recovery myths include the idea that there is a quick and easy 30-day program out there to overcome addiction. The fact is addiction is an extremely complicated issue that needs to be understood on multiple levels. Unfortunately the tools, education and support required too take an addict from sober living to sober thriving range from limited to nonexistent in the current recovery models used today.

Cannon understands that his ideas generate some skepticism, but he stands by the conclusions. “I think after you take the time to understand what we are doing …you will not only agree but will also be telling your friends about it,” say’s Cannon.