Healing Path Recovery is one of the top drug rehab centers in California. We offer an all-encompassing recovery solution where you will receive access to following benefits:

  • A broad range of therapeutic techniques, including trauma, psycho-drama, experiential, coping skills, psycho-education, art, co-dependency, and reflections and meditation.
  • Therapeutic supervision from Dr. Beheshti.
  • Recovery supervision from Dr. Beheshti.
  • Logistical services, such as Doctor’s Note for Leave of Absence, travel arrangements, and help with paperwork.
  • Transitional services, such as outpatient referral when your time with us is complete.
  • Vivitrol for alcohol dependence.
  • Suboxone for opiate withdrawal.
  • 5-10 day detox program or 30 day residential treatment program.
  • 24/7 nursing staff.
  • Doctor’s office on site.

Best of all, we will treat you with the respect and non-judgemental compassion you deserve throughout your journey with us. This is what ultimately makes up one of the top drug rehab centers.

If you’re traveling from another area to attend, simply give us a call and we can help make arrangements. Many people in recovery travel to Southern California to take advantage of Orange County’s top drug rehab center.

Got questions? Call us at 1-844-258-7823 or email Help@HealingPathRecovery.com.