Going to rehab is an exciting time in your life! It’s a time for growth, a time for reflection, and a time for healing. Here’s a list of answers to our most common questions we here from those who are about to enter treatment at Healing Path Recovery.


How long does it take to get started in Healing Path Recovery?

It can take a few weeks depending on how full we are. If you need to start immediately for some reason, call us and we will do our best to help. You can reach us at (844) 258-7823.


Can you help me get financial aid or get insurance that will cover my treatment?

Yes, we work with an insurance broker that will work hard to find you the lowest rates for an insurance plan that will cover your treatment. WE ARE NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY or BROKER, but we will help you as much as we can. We cannot give you an exact quote, a member number, or a refund on your insurance since we are not an insurance company.


If I get an insurance policy to cover my treatment, how much does it cost and what will be covered?

HPR is not an insurance company, but we will refer you to a broker who can get you a policy for approximately $400-$600 per month. Sometimes it’s less, but don’t count on it. Once your insurance policy becomes active, it will cover your treatment, food, and housing. There will sometimes be co-pays. For example, if the doctors want you to take medication, you will pay a small co-pay for this. Healing Path Recovery cannot, by law, pay your co-pays or insurance premiums.


Can I skip the insurance and just pay cash?

Yes, the cost is $25,000 per month.


If I buy insurance, do I have to pay a premium every month or is it a one time payment?

You must pay your insurance premium every month. If you don’t pay your premium, your policy will become inactive and you will be responsible for all the charges for your treatment.


Where will I live during treatment?

HPR partners with sober houses around the Orange County area to house our patients. You will have a roommate and everyone in your house will be sober and drug tested. In most cases, all the people in your house will be in treatment at HPR.


Will my house be near the beach?

Most of the houses are within 5 miles of the beach. The exact locations are confidential and will never be published on the internet.


Will I need to bring money with me?

Yes, you will need $100-$200 per month for incidentals, perscriptions, etc.


Do I need clothing, toiletries, etc?

Yes, bring a small suitcase with 1 week’s worth of clothing, toiletries, etc.


What if I need detox?

After your initial interview, Dr. Beheshti will review your case and decide if you need detox or not. If we determine that detox is needed, we will arrange for you to go to a nearby top-notch detox facility for 5-10 days. HPR does not do detox. We have trusted partners such as Harmony Heals Detox who will take great care of you. Detox is covered by many insurance policies with little to no out of pocket costs. If you get your insurance policy through our affiliate broker, detox will be covered.