Group Therapy

Groups will cover a broad range of therapeutic techniques, including trauma, psycho-drama, experiential, coping skills, psycho-education, art, co-dependency, and reflections and meditation. We highly encourage our clients to actively participate in every group to obtain maximum benefit.

Group therapy is an important part of any drug rehab program, particularly for dual diagnosis treatment centers. Hearing the stories of others can help you on your own journey towards a better life.

At Healing Path, we supplement our group therapy sessions with private 1-on-1 sessions, resulting in a healing experience that is customized to each person’s individual needs.

Medication Management

Healing Path Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center. This means that we treat both addiction and mental health. Dr. Be can prescribe and manage medications for any psychiatric issues our clients may have.

Many addiction issues are caused by “self medicating” a legitimate psychiatric illness. By treating mental illness (including even minor or temporary difficulties), we can increase the effectiveness of addiction treatment and speed up the recovery process.

Our medical director will supervise medications during the program, and in many cases, even after you’ve completed the program into your new life.