It’s really easy to be down on ourselves when a major life event happens like we lose our job, we get kicked out of school we lose friends, and what happens is this cycles starts to happen where we feel really down on ourselves, because we lost our job, or we lost our friends, and so eventually what happens is we need to self-medicate. Well then what happens is that causes issues and then something else happens and then that causes us to be down on ourselves because we used,

So it becomes really hard to get out of this cycle of abuse and loss and even if we have recovery and we relapse, which sometimes happens, not feeling bad that we relapsed or lost something else, and not wanting to hit the bottle or drugs to feel better and to self-medicate.  What we do is we start to help develop habits of not beating ourselves up and we have a whole exercise where we look at judgment and how damaging judgment can be.

Because what judgment does is judgment makes us have more extreme emotion, soif I start looking at things as real good or real bad, I start to have severe emotions about it and I want to self-medicate so we sort of take the judgment out of things and learn to look at things at more practical manner. What are the consequences of this and what I can do about it.

We also help people to look at themselves ahead of time when they are in a better place, maybe when they are in recovery and what are the pros and cons when I do certain behaviors like addiction that get me into trouble so when I am in that place where I’m not feeling good and I want to us I can remember why am I doing this what are the pros and cons of staying in recovery and not using the other thing I would say about losing your job or losing something major, is the idea that without sounding too trite, making lemonade out of lemons, that it’s a really important job in life, to learn acceptance in the true sense of the word, that once something happens in the past there is absolutely nothing I can do about tit, and I can’t predict the future, and I can’t say that losing this job isn’t going to necessarily lead to really great things.

I have to stay in the present I have to stay in right now and just today and how do I take maybe some of the lessons I learned from what just happened to me, and improve, and move forward so that in the future I don’t have those things happen to me again and do it in healthy ways that I am not always reaching for that damaging  thing like self medicating, and that’s going to make me worse.  So if you want more help in your recovery, with questions like this you can go to healing path