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Homelessness and Drug Use in Southern California

Drug use here in Newport, California as well as across southern California produces many consequences for those that suffer from alcohol and drug dependence.  One such consequence is homelessness.  Homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse often seem to go hand in hand.  Sometimes the drug abuse comes after the person or family becomes homeless, […]

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Helping Your Children with Their Addiction



So a question parents often ask is how I can I empower my child to help them get the help they need.  And at the same time be helpful but not get in the way and allowing them to learn to do it for themselves.  And this can be a hard question to answer […]

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Drug Addiction Got Me Fired, Now What?



It’s really easy to be down on ourselves when a major life event happens like we lose our job, we get kicked out of school we lose friends, and what happens is this cycles starts to happen where we feel really down on ourselves, because we lost our job, or we […]

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Is Full Time Rehab Right for You


It is a difficult decision to decide what level of care that we require when we are in the grip of active addiction.  There’s a little voice in the back of your mind always telling that, it’s not a big deal.  Maybe you can control it.  Maybe you just need a little bit of […]

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Opiate Addiction Explained

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Recovered vs. Recovery Which Is It?


A common topic of argument amongst professionals working in the field and those going through drug and alcohol recovery, is the one between recovered and recovery.  At what point is a person considered to have moved on from recovery to recovered?  This week, Vincent Jones, gives his take on this divisive topic.

Vincent, we hear […]

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Avoiding the Stigma of Rehab and Keeping Your Privacy

This week Vincent Jones, of Healing Path Recovery, A drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Newport Beach California, talks about the issues of privacy and the stigma that many in recovery fear.


When I began on my path to recovery, many years ago, Facebook didn’t exist.  There was no social media, there were no cell […]

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The Importance of Getting Your Child Drug Tested


If you have a son or daughter who suffers from alcoholism and or addiction, and they are in recovery meaning that they are trying to remain sober, it is extremely important to consider drug testing your child regularly.  Especially if you are required to help them, for example, financially or providing a place for […]

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How Addicts Use Manipulation

This week Dr. B talks about recognizing and dealing with the three types of manipulations addicts and alcoholics will use to get their way.


If you have a son or a daughter who suffers from alcoholism or and addiction, you need to know that you are probably being manipulated by them. It is part of […]

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Should Adult Addicts Come Home?


If you have an adult son or daughter that suffers from drug or alcohol addiction. And they come to you and ask you if they could live with you.  You have to really carefully think about your decision. There are a lot of factors to think about. As a parents I can sympathize with […]

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